The First Indemnity Professional Liability Blog

Posted By: John Randolph
Main Office

I have been insured by First Indemnity Insurance Group for nearly thirty years.
First Indemnity has been a leader in the professional liability field,
providing the 8 attorneys in our firm, Cumsky & Levin, with comprehensive coverage at the lowest price.
All carriers which have insured us are rated "A" or better by A.M. Best and I don't need to worry
if the insurers will be there for us if we need protection in times of economic upheaval.
And I can get high limits or deductible options if I need them.
My policy highlights under the coverage obtained by First Indemnity include
- Innocent Insured/Vicarious Liability.
- Disciplinary Proceedings $50,000 Each.
- Defendants Reimbursement $50,000.
- Predecessor Firm Coverage.
- Title Agent Arbitrator/Mediator.
- Regulatory Inquiry Coverage $25,000 per Policy.
- Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Guardian & Fiduciary Coverage.
- Discrimination Complaint by a Client $25,000 per Policy.
- Network Privacy & Cyber Liability Coverage.
- Subpoena & Deposition Assistance.
- Non-profit Director/Officer Coverage.
- Extended reporting period (ERP) options available, including disability, death and cessation of practice.

Most importantly for me, the team at First Indemnity is just a phone call away where an
actual underwriter, based in the US, can help me with a claim or a renewal.
First Indemnity specializes in professional liability insurance and remains the best in class for this type of coverage.

- Attorney Robert Keough