Our First 25 Years
Our Philosophy
At First Indemnity, our customers are treated like family. From day one, our firm puts a priority on “going the extra mile' for all of our client insureds. Our President instills this sense of empowerment to put our customers first in each member of his team. Every day, our support teams do a morning run on each account to ensure all correspondence has been addressed and replied to by First Indemnity.…Learn more

Our Business Focus
In concert with our company's philosophy, First Indemnity has built its reputation over 25 years for ensuring that every client's claims, especially attorneys' claims are fully defended to the extent of its policy limits. The same focus is applied to non-liability client policies with equal determination and diligence. We believe that our signature tagline, “your defense is our focus" clearly supports our dedicated work ethic.…Learn more

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